About the Charity:

The Leanne Baker Trust was set up in memory of Darren’s sister. Having given up her long and exhaustive fight with depression, Leanne left shocked and devastated family, friends and work colleagues behind, many possibly asking ‘could I have done something to help her?’

Not an easy question - yet one being asked by the families and friends of the 4 400 suicide victims in this country every year.  According to statistics produced by the awareness group Mental Health, 1 in 4 of us will be affected by mental health issues at some point in our lives. Yet we seem to know so little about it, it remains a social taboo, a deadly illness with a very little voice. And because of this, to some that are suffering it may seem that there is little support, or even that there is no care.

The charity is only in it’s infancy, Darren, his family and the charity trustees want to be able to guide those that suffer with depression to the support available and increase awareness surrounding the stigma of mental health. Initially the idea was to set up a localised Huddersfield base with the support of Huddersfield University to offer support to young people suffering from depression and anxiety. This proposal is not a definitive and The Leanne Baker Trust is also keen to support other mental health charities.